Integrated guarding of industrial spaces and facilities with high requirements with high quality solutions.

Atlas Security Services is specialized in guarding spaces with high requirements, such as, among others, industrial facilities, storage spaces, and industrial sites. Thanks to its high expertise and long-term presence in the sector of security services, it provides integrated solutions, that fully meet the needs of this type of spaces, ensuring the protection both of professional assets and human resources.

In every case of protection of industrial spaces and other similar facilities, Atlas Security Services follows the procedures set out below, aiming at ensuring the quality of the services it provides:

  • We create a security plan
  • We create a task group
  • We select the appropriate staff
  • We train the staff in the specific plan, for each case
  • We control on a permanent basis the quality of the provided services, both through the supervisor, and with electronic means

In detail, the services we provide include:

  • Study of the space and installation of security systems, such as:
  • Alarm, fire detection and fire protection systems
  • Sound and image electronic monitoring systems (CCTV)
  • Perimeter protection systems (cooperating with cameras and motion sensors)
  • Automatic access control systems
  • Gate services, such as:
  • Control and recording of entering and exiting pedestrians and vehicles
  • Control of the load of entering and exiting trucks
  • Record keeping with the possibility of electronic recording
  • Static guarding with guards in uniform
  • Patrol inside and at the perimeter of industrial facilities, on a company vehicle
  • Immediate response and intervention