Atlas Security Services undertakes to guard every kind of professional space with its specialized staff that can meet any need.

Atlas Security Services undertakes to guard every kind of professional space, such as public or private enterprises, shopping malls, stores and entertainment venues, etc.

These services have mainly a preventive purpose, and the working hours are totally adapted to the needs of the customers, since they can be provided in specific times (e.g. office hours or shop opening hours) or 24 hours a day. Focusing on the provision of integrated security services, the guards of Atlas Security Services undertake to fully guard the entire space, as well as to control and coordinate movements to and from the guarded space, and to maintain order when people enter to it or exit from it.

All the guards of Atlas Security Services are specially trained and hold the Special License of Security Staff as is provided for by Law 2518/97. They can fully meet the guarding needs of professional spaces, demonstrating, at the same time, the required politeness, always willing to serve.

The guards of Atlas Security Services come to their workplace in uniform and initially perform a general inspection of the space. Next, they proceed to a control for potential risks, such as fire, leaks, possible excess flows and other threats. Furthermore, during their service they are responsible for the removal from the space of people that may act suspicious, as well as the protection of the space from any kind of illegal action, such as break-in, sabotage, etc.

At the same time, they are in constant communication with the 24-hour Alarm Signal Reception Center, in order to report the conditions that prevail at the guarded space on one hand, and to get informed about the Signals of Electronic Alarm Systems on the other hand. In this way, the complete and effective guarding of the space is achieved, as well as the immediate, effective dealing with any event that requires their intervention.

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